Friday, 27 June 2008

Sense of Balance

One of my students live in a house on a hill that I have to climb and pass by a lot of wild flowers, grasses and pine trees. I was kind of early one day that I walked leisurely on my way up to the house. Hearing the sounds of the wind thru grasses and tress created a peace of mind but I couldn't help noticing these two butterflies. They're holding on to a thin branch of a plant which swayed every time the wind blew. Slowly, I took out my camera and captured this intriguing scenery. The sight gave me a feeling of shame because they created a great sense of balance despite of the trouble(wind) obviously more than I did with my husband especially when tough moments visited us. Easily said than done..... a cliche of course, but if I tried my best to be a helpful partner, I should have complemented my husband's effort to hold us together up so that communication breakdown wasn't an option. This picture inspires me to be a worthy partner who would share an equal effort for a sense of balance.

Monday, 23 June 2008

It's not What it Seems to Be

The first time a friend of mine saw this picture he thought it was taken during night time but realized it's actually a sun and not a moon. In other words, this picture looks deceiving because your initial thinking is most probably not right. Even I, myself, was actually surprised of the result. Perhaps some would think it's an edited one but it's not because I am not in favor of photo editing. Nature makes wonders that sometimes hard to explain but can easily be appreciated and worth to be grateful for. I am a nature lover and I won't get tired taking pictures of nature especially of the sunsets.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Chasing Butterflies

It was a not-so-hot and not-so-cold morning when we decided to go biking within the vicinity of the village. The good thing about biking here is that only a few cars come and go so it's safer and with fresher air. We'd already biked for five minutes when I noticed these yellow flowers with some butterflies flying around. I requested Yonghoon to go back to the house and get the digital camera for me to be able to capture this rare opportunity of nature's wonder. Call me lucky for having a husband who doesn't mind pampering me by following my little requests :) because it's a rare treat here in South Korea where most people still think that men are as high as the sky and women are as low as the ground. Anyway, back to the picture above, as soon as Yonghoon was back I started chasing butterflies to capture with their wings spread out. The one here was the closest shot I got without the butterfly noticing it. If I think of the global warming threat, I feel sad. If these flowers don't survive the heat, I am wondering how butterflies will be able to supply their needs.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A Group Picture Challenge

Children's day is being celebrated here in South Korea every 5th of May and because most of us weren't deprived of a much awaited holiday from teaching, we decided to go for a group picnic at Eunpa park grounds. We did agree on KKB and then later share with others. I don't have kids yet but then I always consider my husband my eldest son :-). We did have fun and before we parted, I asked the Filipina mothers to try to gather their kids for a group picture. I explained that it will be a treasure to have pictures taken with their fellow Korean-Filipino kids. So the mothers called their kids and when they were already in one place, digital cameras started to click. This one clearly shows how challenging it is to take pictures of kids :-)

Each mother tried to have their kids on a posing mode to no avail because all they wanted was to run ....chasing each other. One kid ran back to her mother before we were able to click our digital cameras. When some kids started to cry because they were forced to pose for a group picture, we decided to let them go because it's their "day" and no one should be crying. These kids are up to have a very busy schedule in school in a few years time and as much as possible they mustn't be deprived of their treasured playtime.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

So Cute!

She is a friend's daughter who caught my attention while we were on eye-shopping bonding at Lotte mart. She was fascinated by the different colors she saw inside the store. Very cute! Here I am again wishing that someday if not soon I will be blessed with such a cutie. She enjoyed her ride with the push cart for a while but got cranky when she was hungry.